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Automation and control from your existing SW


PassMachine is a platform for the creation and administration of digital passes (in the .pkpass format - a standard defined by Apple Inc.) that is offered in the form of SaaS. Everything may be controlled manually (through the website user interface) or automatically (through REST API).

Do you find the PassMachine functionalities interesting? Extend the capabilities of your SW solution (e.g. CRM systems) with all functionalities of PassMachine through connection to PassMachine API. There you can automatize and control everything right from your existing SW. To get further information about possible connection to PassMachine API, please contact us. With documentation and cooperation of our developers, the connection to PassMachine API will be easy.


The PassMachine platform provides a smart solution able to bring tons of practical information into the mobile devices of your customers, fans, members and others, all through the use of digital cards.

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