Digital cards for mobile wallets

A smart solution bringing an abundance of practical information to mobile devices

Examples of use

Main benefits

Your own design

You can decide exactly how your card looks. Choose your colors and content layout, and even add a logo or image.

Push notifications

With this outstanding feature, your notifications will not be overlooked by anyone, even on a locked screen.

Update notifications

Choose the types of content updates which all card subscribers will be notified about.

GPS-based notifications

Set notifications based on any particular location. You may use GPS and even altitude for localization.

Active links

Use active links for directing to your website, social networks, etc.

Connection to CRM

Use the connection to your internal system by means of API, and automatically generate personalized cards.

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Examples of use

Airline ticket / travel ticket

Airline and other travel tickets in the form of digital cards bring numerous benefits both for the customers and the company itself. They serve as a direct communication channel and allow sending a notification to inform the user that they are within a radius of up to 1 km from the station, airport or other selected location.

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A voucher is an ideal option for loyalty programs of all kinds. It may have a universal format or be personalized for each user, and it may be dynamically changed at any time. With a voucher, you can automatically notify the customers when they get close to the selected shops or locations.

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Event ticket

A concert, theatre or festival ticket can be kept safely in a mobile phone now. Before the event it will serve as a great communication channel through which you can regularly and directly inform all the attendees of changes or special offerings. Due to the set expiry, the ticket will be automatically invalidated after the event.

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Information card

An information card is an excellent communication tool for cities, municipalities, information and visitor centers, shopping centers and many other locations. It serves for direct communication with citizens, visitors or customers, and is a great means of general as well as special information.

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Membership card

A digital membership card can be useful for all institutions, companies, societies, clubs and associations. You can use it as a tool to maintain the relationship and communication with members e.g. regarding news, membership, subscription, new offerings, and other matters. Using links, you can direct the members to specific URL addresses.

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Loyalty card

A loyalty card is a great marketing tool for your customers. It is useful for shops, service providers, restaurants, fuel sellers and many others. Based on GPS, you can notify customers when they get close to the establishment or other location you have selected.

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Guest card

A guest card is an excellent tool for all guests of hotels, wellness facilities, water and amusement parks, and other establishments. This card offers a universal or personalized format and can also serve as a tool to inform guests of any updates or special offers.

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Identification card

An identification card is useful as a carrier of information not only for travelling. It may hold details from an insurance card, driver’s green card, travel insurance card and many others. It can also be used for keeping information about the current situation regarding repaid loans and credits, electricity or natural gas consumption, etc.

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Creation of digital cards

Creating digital cards with the PassMachine platform is easy. Without any programming knowledge, you can create, within a few minutes, your own design of a template to easily generate a digital card ready for direct distribution. If you want to enter and automatically update any personalized information into cards such as travel tickets or event tickets, you can do it easily through API.

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Your contact with users

Air ticket or other travel ticket, voucher, event ticket, information card, membership card, loyalty card, guest card, identification card and a lot more. By means of digital cards you can directly communicate useful information that is always close at hand on customers’ mobile devices. Notification of new information is received by users on the lock screen, so they will not overlook the notification. This function also serves as a direct marketing channel.

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Even greater engagement

After adding GPS coordinates, you may automatically send a notification to all users who are close to the given location. And even more than that: you may embellish this function by setting a particular day when the notification is to be sent, or by adding the altitude in order to target users who are in shopping centers or high-rise buildings.

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Space on the reverse side

In addition to the briefer but visually customizable front side, the reverse side of a digital card also provides space for a lot of information. You might place longer texts, URL links, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. For better orientation, you may use various emoticons and spaces between paragraphs. To go to the reverse side, use three dots on the front side of the card on iOS or Android devices.

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Supporting iOS as well as Android

Apple Wallet

Apple Wallet (iOS)

Apple Wallet is pre-installed on each iPhone using iOS 6 or later, which means that almost 100% of iOS users have this application on their phone today.

Google Wallet

Google Wallet (Android)

For Android, we provide the most comfortable way of saving a digital card onto the mobile phone by means of the pre-installed Google Wallet application.


Portmonka (Android)

For Android, we also provide an additional way of saving a digital card onto the mobile phone by means of the Portmonka application.

Frequently asked questions

Why use digital cards?

The advantages of digital cards include fast creation and distribution as well as lower costs, as compared to common plastic or paper cards. Another advantage is that your customers always have them at hand because they are saved on their mobile phone (Apple Wallet on iOS and Portmonka on Android devices).

Moreover, you may quickly and dynamically change the information stated in the cards and send notifications to the cards at any time.

How will I get digital cards for my customers?

To create and generate digital cards, use our online platform called PassMachine. You only need to contact us through the contact form, and after signing an order, you will automatically gain access to the platform. Then you set up a project (e.g. event tickets, business cards, information cards, etc.) and, using the live editor, create the design of your digital cards. As soon as you have created their design, you are ready to distribute the cards.

What is the structure of digital cards and what can be published on them?

It is really up to you what you want to publish on the cards. There are no limits to your imagination, and the potential uses of cards is wide open. They may be used as air tickets or other travel tickets, vouchers, event tickets, information cards, membership cards, loyalty cards, guest cards, identification cards, business cards, and much more. Each such card type may contain specific information, both as general material or personalized messages.

Digital cards have two sides (front and reverse) to display information.

  • You might think of the front side as a display window. You can change the colors of the background, texts and headings, enter a logo, emoji or image, lay out the text as you prefer, and add a bar code. The final design is entirely up to you. However, it is generally advised to use the front side to display brief information, because it is not intended for long sentences or blocks of text.
  • The reverse side is quite the opposite. Its static background is the perfect canvas for longer texts, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, etc. This is the card side intended for texts where you can place detailed information concerning the given type of the card, divide the text field into multiple parts and enter emojis or hyperlinks.

How can digital cards be distributed?

Created cards may be distributed online as well as offline:

  • In an online environment, you can use URL links and QR codes that may be distributed by means of e-mails, SMS, social networks, websites, etc. Your customers can save the cards right onto their mobile phones.
  • In an offline environment, QR codes are primarily used. After scanning them, the card is downloaded right onto the mobile phone. QR codes may be placed on marketing materials, display windows, vehicles, etc.

The URL links and QR codes for downloading the particular digital cards can always be obtained right on the PassMachine platform after completing the card design. This includes brief and clear instructions for downloading the card onto an iOS or Android device.

May all our customers use digital cards?

Of course. If your customer uses a smartphone, they may use a link or QR code to save one or multiple digital cards onto their device. To save them in the iOS system, you can use Apple Wallet - a digital wallet preinstalled on all iPhones nowadays. In the Android system, you can use the digital wallet called Portmonka, which can be downloaded from Google Play. You can use it to save cards with no need to register.

May I also use personalized cards?

Yes. Moreover, it is an amazing marketing tool that deepens the relationship with each of your customers. With API, you can carry out easy integration with CRM/POS, etc., and after creating the card design, you can automatically issue personalized digital cards. Such cards may include unique information as well as bar codes (QR code, pdf417, Aztec and code128) for identification or card data updates in the course of the card use.

We use our own mobile application. Does it make sense to use digital cards as well?

Certainly. A digital card takes up to 100-times less space in the mobile phone and may be used as a great addition to your mobile application or, in certain cases, as its substitute. When comparing the costs, the cost of digital cards is negligible. We are happy to make a particular offer tailored to your needs.


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The PassMachine platform provides a smart solution able to bring tons of practical information into the mobile devices of your customers, fans, members and others, all through the use of digital cards.

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